About the adventures

The adventures of Clara Bow are a trilogy of contemporary fantasy adventure novels. They are an emotional and exciting journey with heroine Clara, a woman who finds herself transformed from an elderly lady to a young woman. This second opportunity at life is both a blessing and a curse, for she finds herself thrust into an adventure involving rogue Freemasons, ancient Biblical curses and the terrifying Jinn.

This website will help you discover a world of adventure that will take you beyond the books. This is you chance to learn a lot more about the exciting world of Clara and discover the background behind the people, places and events that you will read about in her debut adventure, Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon, and in the thrilling follow-up, Clara Bow and The Staff of Aaron. Just click on the links to the left to delve deeper into the world of the Clara Bow adventures.

An epic trilogy

The Seal of Solomon is the first in a series of stories revolving around the mythical Seal, an object that some say King Solomon used to control the Jinni, what you may know as Genies. The Seal itself was supposed to be a ring, with the star of David engraved upon it. The actual design, is of course, unknown, and many variances can be found. With it’s ability to control the Jinni, King Solomon is said to have made these powerful beings build his magnificent temple. The very existence and whereabouts of this temple is hotly debated, with the search still going on to this day. Many believe it to have stood upon The Holy Mountain, in Jerusalem.

When her tale starts Clara has never heard of the Seal, nor could she ever have imagined what connection she had to such an item. What is that connection? What dangers does she face? Will she be the one to find the seal and prove once and for all the existence of King Solomon’s Temple?

The only way to find out is to read the first exciting instalments of the adventures of Clara Bow! Available on Kindle and in print from Amazon.