Banbury Literary Live



On November the 20th Banbury Literary Live returns for its fourth year at the North Oxfordshire Academy. I am pleased and excited to say I am going to be a guest speaker, there to talk about my adventures in self-publishing. I will also have copies of my two Clara Bow books on sale on the Waterstones table in the atrium.

I attended last year as a visitor and found the various sessions very rewarding and inspiring. The one section of the publishing world that I found was not represented was the one I was the one with which I had released my own books into the world. Self-publishing and e-books is a huge part of the industry now, and is as much a legitimate way to publish as going down the traditional route. There are numerous self-pub successes, including The Martian, which ended up as a Ridley Scott film starring Matt Damon. I cannot lay claim to be that successful but I have certainly gone through the process enough times to know what not to do, what is a must-do, and how to temper your expectations.

I am really looking forward to my one hour workshop, which I aim to make fun and interactive. Why not let me know if you plan to attend using my contact form? Know anyone who may be interested? Not just in my small part of the day long event, but in any part of it, seeing as there are elements for children, young adults and adults, chances are you know someone who will get something positive out of the day. We want to encourage reading, writing, and creativity.

My first tip is this: never avoid doing something because it will take a long time. That time will pass either way, so you may as well use it for something you can be proud of.

Oh and if you’d like a signed copy of my book, please let me know using my contact form! Being self-published, one of the pitfalls is having to buy my own stock, so the more assured sales I have, the more stock I’m happy to arrange!