The characters

Learn more about the people that make the story

Clara Bow

Clara has let life slide by. She’s seventy-nine, her body is giving up on her and she lost her passion for life many years ago.

Author Michael Dale has this to say about Clara, “I simply fell in love with Clara and in some way felt like I went through every trial and tribulation with her. By the time I was writing the climactic scenes of the novel, I was right there with Clara, and I can tell you it was an amazingly emotional moment!”

When fate steps in and offers her a second chance, she begins to learn that she has missed out on so much and has a lot to learn. Luckily she is smart and resourceful and can think her way out of tricky situations.

She is also innocent and naive because she has lived such a sheltered life.

Luckily she opts to bring daughter Lisa along on her adventure…

Lisa Bow

Lisa is headstrong and fiesty. A tomboy from a young age, she has always been a very strong willed, physical and independent person.

She is always rushing, keeping herself involved and busy in more than one task at a time. This is both her way of using the excess energy supplies she has, and a way of avoiding responsibility.

Author Michael Dale says this of Lisa, “She was a fun playful character, who surprised me with her own emotion. That may sound odd, but it’s true, any writer will say their characters act of their own accord! Lisa becomes the anchor of the story and someone I admire!”

At the start of the story she is running her own indoor climbing business, something she has a real passion for.

If Clara is the brains of the operation, Lisa is the brawn.

That would mean Lisa’s daughter Heather is…


Heather is the heart of the trio. She is a free spirit who has perhaps inherited the best of her mother and grandmother. She has a small but integral role within Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon, but really comes into her own in The Staff of Aaron, where she proves to be a smart and cunning member of the Bow family.

The Fangermiers

Oscar Fangermier Junior and Senior have an integral role to play in the fate of the Bow family. To say much more here would be spoiling the story.

A mysterious father and son pair, who have many secrets.

Author Michael Dale has this to say about the Fangermiers, “they were a fun pair to write. I prefer characters who are not black or white. Everyone has their motivations and each person can justify their actions with their own morals and ethics. This is how I wrote the Fangermiers, not good or bad, but certainly motivated!”


Professor Proteus

The professor is an expert in philatics, the study of stamps. He is sought out by the resourceful Clara to try and solve a mystery early on in the tale.

He is a stuffy, fussy character, acting older than his actual years.

Author Michael Dale has this to say about the Professor, “he was actually one of my favourite characters from the book, although he is not a prominent figure. Somehow he became someone I wanted to see again. I do hope he can visit in the future adventures, I think he is a man worth having around!”

Florian Obrecht

Florian is a larger than life figure, with a booming voice and a commanding presence.

His connection with the Bow family appear to stem from his former contact with George Bow, Clara’s husband. Who he truly is and what his actual motivations are, well, that may or may not be revealed in the book, but it would be too much of a spoiler to say more here!

George Bow

All we can say about George is that he’s an enigma, a mystery waiting to be solved!
There are other  major characters within the story of Clara Bow, but to mention who would be to spoil the tale. Some things are better discovered yourself, so why not discover the secrets contained within Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon and Clara Bow and the Staff of Aaron?