The Jinni

The Jinni, more well known as genies in the West, but also known in Djinn in Eastern culture, are what you may also call demons.

Powerful, elemental beings, they used to share the world with human kind. Mention of Jinni can be found in the Bible, but more commonly in Arabic tales, most famously Arabian Nights (also known as One thousand and one nights).

The most well known depiction of a genie is probably from Aladdin, where the genie is trapped within a lamp until the lamp is rubbed. This idea can be traced back to King Solomon and his Seal. Within Arabian Nights there is a tale of a genie being trapped with a copper bottle by a lead seal stamped by the ring.

They are often depicted as deceitful and selfish beings, who can offer you great wealth and power, but always at a cost. You may think you are getting a good deal, but no matter what it seems, there is always a catch. But not all Jinn are bad, just like us they have the capacity for good and evil.

Although they can appear as humans, they are essentially made of fire or wind. In Islamic folklore they make up the three sentient beings of Allah, the other two being humans and angels.

Are there still Jinni around us in human form? What would you wish for were to come across one? Or would you never dare wish, fearing the repurcussions?